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On a Park Bench

Family Portraits: On a Park Bench / On a Stoop

Edith Kramer

On a Park Bench - 1964
ceramic 15 x 7.5 x 8
On a City Stoop - 1960s
ceramic 8 x 8 x 10.5

Edith Kramer is world-renowned as a pioneer in the field of Art Therapy. Founder of the graduate program at New York University, she has authored seminal papers and books, and is renowned as a social realist painter, sculptor, print-maker and mosaicist.

44th Street Gallery, New York, NY, 1947
Crespi Gallery, New York, NY, 1957
Galerie Wolfgang Gurlitt, Munich, Germany, 1964
The Barnett Aden Gallery, Washington, DC, 1965
Washington Art Club, Washington, DC, 1984
Vaserely Center, New York, NY 1985
Salzburg Creditanstalt, Salzburg, Austria, 1987
Helsingford Museum, Hudikvall, Sweden, 1987
Vaserely Center, New York, NY 1988
Museo Sivori, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1989
Galerie Taube, Berlin, Germany, 1990
Giustino Gallery, Bronxville, NY, 1990
Galerie Fayla, Brussels, Belgium, 1991
Wiegand Gallery, College of Notre Dame, CA, 1993
Kurmittelhaus Bad Aussee, Austria, 1993
New York Transit Museum, New York, NY 1994
Susan Teller Gallery, NY, 1995
Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna, Austria, 1996
Austrian Embassy, Washington, DC, 1996
Kaiserlicher Stall Grundlsee, Austria, 1998
The Barbara Levy Gallery, 2002
Norwood Flynn Gallery, Dallas, Texas, 2009

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