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Liana Vassaloy, Louis de Verdal, van Overbeek, Juan Miro

Various Artists' Solo Shows

All in Fine to New condition, unless noted. We are currently listing these on ebay and some may have been sold. Please enquire.

Olav Cleofas van Overbeek - Lithographs portfolio (7 photos suitable for framing)
Liana Vassaloy - Arras Gallery 1981 18 pp + 9 original slides in holder
Juan-Eduardo Cirlot - Modesto Ciuxart 10 pp
Luis de Verdal - Sculptures - small portfolio -  16 illustrations + 4 original color photos & original letter from his agent to Arras Gallery
Dale Egee - Tapestries - Arras Gallery  & Moduleart Gallery + postcard + original photo $4
Juan Miro - Pierre Matisse gallery - 1980 36 pp + cover

Florida 10+5 Arts & Cultural Center of Hollywood - group with 2 page bios & pics of Miles Batt, Jill Cannady, Joseph Dodge, Jeffery Kronsnoble, Doris Leeper, Bruche Marsh, Gene Massin, Geoffrey Naylor, Craig Rubadoux, Syd Solomon, Jerry N. Uelsmann, Hiram Williams, Memphis Wood, together with 42nd Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Paintings - Society of the 4 arts, Palm Beach  1981

Group of solo announcement, smaller catalogs, postcard etc: Jean Lurcat, David Bryce, Alan Siegel, Robert Jessup, Peter Shire, Michael Lucero, Jill Cannady, Cheryl Laemle, Ari Afshar, Daquin, Ed Moulthrop, Cameron Zebrun, Klell Ringi, Jan Matthesius, Terrence La Noue, Mary Bero, Kosso Elou, Arnold Goldstein, Ernest Roch & Rolf Harder, richard Carboni

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