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Collection of books, photos, catalogs, posters of the artist

Collection of books, photos, catalogs, posters of the artist

Jill Cannady


2 Solo catalogs
     Arras Gallery 1981 28 pages
     Metropolitan Museum and Art Center, Miami 1977 12 pages
4 Group catlogs with illustrations of her work
    American Portaits - Art & cultural center of Hollywood -
    The Eye of 25 - Boca Raton Center for the arts - 1978
    Little Paintings - Miami Dade Community College 1977
    Jill Cannady / Philip Crangi - Boca Raton Center for the arts 1979
Other artists illustrated in group shows: Phiip Crangi, Walter Sessions, Irene Ratt, Syd Solomen, Susan Harlan, Garcia, Robert Galinas, Jean Wldberg, Jan Ring, Philip PHiipon, Clarence Measelle III, Normandino Simmanelli, Wayne Miyamoto, Alan Peterson, Don Huber, William Long, Ralph Arnold, Ronn Bogaev, Elmer Craig, Sally Curtis, Patrick DeLong, Barbara Farrell, David Gossoff, Anne Kinggard, Michael Klezmer, Martin Kreloff, Renee Landes, Peter McWhorter, Andrew Morgan Ron Mitchell, Marcia Murry, Richard Woods Price, Patricia Roberts, Jane Steinsnyder, Robert Thielle, Louis Ulman, Robert Brackman, Wayman Adams, Martin Kreelof

Two professional photos for reproduction in Arras Catalog
Poster (4 fold mailer)

Various mailers, clippings


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