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Appears to be a signed original

Collection of catalogs, photos, posters, drawings

eloul kosso

• Over 50 8x10 glossy b&w photos of artist's sculptures - indoor, outdoor (in various lights and weather conditions including snow), installation, and of the artist
• Original aluminum foil collage of a 4 part sculpture (unsigned)
• Signed Original (?) drawing of 7 possible ways to display a two part sculpture
• Several hand written letters from the artist to the gallery owner
• Photocopies of detailed drawings for construction of a large scale sculpture with original additions and thumbnails in pen
* Photocopy of text and thumbnails for a retrospective catalog of his outdoor sculpture in Canads

• posters
    original folded 1977 - Burlington
    Kioffler Galllery 1979 - Willowdale
• "Celebration fo the Arch" - Art Gallery of Hamilton 1980 - 12 pages
• "Outdoor Sculpture on the Waterfront Art Toronto1980
* Kosso -1979 -  28 pages
• special reprint from Globe and Mail 1980 - "massive arches are huge achievements"
* Arras gallery - several rack cards, mailers
• Galley Quan - large card
• several company publications featuring his sculpture 
• many articles & clippings
• 1982 note from and signed Kosso

Partial selection of catalogs etal (see photo) $20 & $15

Price: $300.00   On Sale: Take 33% off gallery price

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Eloul Kosso
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