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Action Paintings

Action Paintings

Emanuel Buckvar

Acyrlic & house paint on paper

In this the 100th anniversary year of Jackson Pollock's birth, contemporary AbEx artist Emanuel Buckvahr successfully refutes the idea that there is nothing left to explore with drip or splatter paintings. Buckvahr explores ideas of space and volume in his work. He frequently "paints in the dark" so as to focus on the process of creation as opposed to the thing created.

From the time he was a child, Emanual Buckvar loved, collected, studied and sold art purchased from estates, so for Christmas 2010, his wife bought him a batch of paint, stretched canvases, brushes. Then she had to nag him for months to give it a shot. Finally, he gave did, deciding to do some action paintings (outside at dusk in his drivway). To his astonishment, he sold several to customers for thousands of dollars each.

His first and best selling paintings are action paintings, but he now experiments in other styles. Davenport and Shapiro gave him a solo last year ... successful, featured his work at the Affordable Art Show in New York City ... also successful. His large paintings sell for between $5000 and 10,000, but he likes to see beginning collectors enjoy his work ... hence this offering.
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Since we have left the Gallery business, we only have a few left.

Price: $2,500.00   On Sale: Take 80% off gallery price

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Emanuel Buckvar
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