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Landscape with waterfal andl fishermen

Landscape with waterfal andl fishermen

Shugetsu Tokan

Japan c1447 - c1510
Ink on paper
after 1497

Shugetsu studied with Sesshu and then was the first Japanese artist to study in China with masters of the “loose brush”, the style in which this masterpiece is painted. That enables us to date this to shortly after 1497. Numerous references - cf: Song of Brush, Sanso collection, pl 6.  Work in he Freer, Cleveland, and Boston Museum

It was examined and dated to period by Misuhiro Abe of the Metropolitan Museum. In the original attributed box is an 18th century attribution by a renowned Japanese scholar, Hogan Shunboku. Recently remounted in Japan. No restoration.

Price: $14,000.00

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