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Fabulous 3D Geometric Wall Sculptures - 'icons'

James Gerard De Martini

USA 1923-2001
Oil & Mixed Media on Boards
Icon 27x17.5x5
Ellipticals 23x15.5x4
large 60x24
Two rectangular 30x10.5 & 18x9

     This piece is the cover illustration of a catalog of his work. De Martini was Professor of Music at Brooklyn College of Music and abstract artist noted for his geometric work, often in three dimensions, combined with a subtle color palette.  The artist exhibited often into the 1990s, mostly locally on Long Island and Brooklyn.  These works only recently became available from his estate. We have sold a number of his works and will post others in the near future. His surrealist illustrations illustrate The Song of Abel. Nicely framed. Another Icon is currently on VandM. We also have paintings by this talented artist. Click here.

DeMartini exhibited widely in local shows. A Catalog of his work is on his memorial website.

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De Martini
James Gerard De Martini
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