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"Per" Milk Duds Jack Daniels Campbell's Sou

SALE Per - Milk Duds Jack Daniels Campbell's Soup

Jon Henry

 USA 1919-1990
Oil & collage on canvas
Jan 16, 1960

A native of Philadelphia was the son of immigrant parents, he was placed in an orphanage at the age of five. He attended the Philadelphia College of Industrial Arts. Henry studied at the New School with artist Robert Motherwell studio. 

He was Art  Director for Grey Advertising and a member of Camino Art Gallery.  He taught  at State SUNY Albany and was a freelance commercial artist in Newton, MA.  Retired to Gainesville in 1986 and continued to paint and participate in numerous art  festivals.

Jon Henry created works in photography, graphic arts, woodcuts, murals, sculptural displays, multi-media productions using music and multiple slide projectors, created colorful jigsaw puzzles, “color-in” books of abstract art, as well as “black ‘n white” postcards featuring his humorous graphic commentary on the art world.  Jon also wrote and played rhythm guitar; always finding inspiration in his love of jazz.

His exhibition record is extensive. Click on his bio, upper left.


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