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Doughboy from Sharpshooters Series

SALE Doughboy from Sharpshooters Series

John L. Doyle

USA 1939-2010
colored lithograph 41x30
    Prom PS Fine Arts which offers one of his lithograph from this series for $3000: We ALSO have some of his original drawings

Doyle's art is collected and displayed in universities, museums, and corporations including: University of North Dakota, University of South Dakota; Vanderbilt University Medical Center Tennessee; The Institute for the History of Medicine John's Hopkins University, Maryland; The Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine Harvard Medical Library, Massachusetts; The Cleveland Clinic, Ohio; Yale Affiliated Hospital of St. Raphael, Connecticut; Mayo Clinic, Minnesota; University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics; University of Minnesota Campus Club sponsored by the Department of History of Medicine; Denver Natural History Museum; and the Museum of Native American Cultures in Washington. Other institutions, private, corporate, and permanent museum collections exhibiting Doyle's work include: Akron Art Institute, Ohio; Belleview Art Museum, Washington; Birmingham Museum of Art, Mississippi; Building Service Inc. Wisconsin; Burpee Art Museum, Illinois; Columbus Museum of fine Art, Ohio; Library of Congress, Washington D.C.; Johnson Wax Company, Wisconsin; Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana; Manitowoc Maritime Museum, Wisconsin; McGraw-Edison Corporation, Illinois; Mid-Western Museum of Art, Indiana; Marshall Scott Associates Inc., New York; Merchyhurst State College, Pennsylvania; Milwaukee Art Center, Wisconsin; Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Wisconsin; Minnesota Museum of Art; Norton Gallery of Art, Florida; Palm Springs Desert Museum, California; Phllip Morris Company, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California; Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Arizona; Stanford University, California; Texas Technical University; and National Collection of Fine Arts Washington D.C."


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WWI military soldier large vertical

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