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Woman / Landscape in Spain

Woman / Landscape in Spain

Manuel Monton Bunuel

Oil on board
     Bunuel studied medicine, turned to art, studied at Universida de Zaragoza, then went to Paris for 6 years and returned to Spain to paint. Some of his work drew on his military service (1960-62), and on the work of the most famous artist of his hometown, Goya. His work was handled in the US by M. Morse Gallery, NJ, Mitchel Gallery, CA, J. Nord Gallery in NYC, and the Little Studio and Garden City Gallery in NY, as well as several in France and Spain.

    This information is from a solo show for Pictures on Exhibition Ltd in the early 1970s. The catalog concludes: The unique quality of his paintings have been prized in private collections throughout the world – notably in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, and Canada as well as the United States. In fact, the list of private collectors of the works of Buneul include so many of the famous names in society, government, theatre, and the arts ... it begins to resemble Who's Who.

     He seems to have vanished after a steller beginning.


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