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Art Deco Malfin Glass Pitcher

Art Deco Malfin Glass Pitcher

Jean Sala

12" high

This classic lalique like pitcher came from  a luxury retail shop with own glass workshop. It's signed in enamel with its address 18 Rue Royale, Paris. Jean Sala and G. Neilz operated it from 1920-30.

Jean Sala was a Catalonian who worked in Paris, as an independent glassmaker producing hand blown glass from the 1920s to 1950. One of his notable accomplishments was improving the quality of so-called Malfin glass, of which this piece is an example. Work from this small studio are rare. Corning Glass museum recently acquired an example of his work. Perfume bottles are occasionally seen at auction. One recently sold for $480.

On sale well below cost 15 years ago!


Price: $420.00   On Sale: Take 62% off gallery price

black frosted Lalique

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