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Woman kneeling

Woman kneeling

Ramiondo Puccinelli

Italy / USA 1904-86
13.5" bronze with base
     A varied and fascinating background: student of Chinese and Japanese theatre, set designer, friend of composers and famous choreographers, including Martha Graham, artists: Diego Rivera,  Faure, Orozco, Foujita, Saroyan and Matisse, widely travelled and exhibited, this artist captures the subtlety and movement of the human form. Born in the "melting pot of cultures which was San Francisco in the 20s and 30s", he followed the art scene in New York, Paris, and finally, during his last years, Tuscany.

    His work has been exhibited all over the world in group exhibitions beginning in 1929 in the Seattle Museum, including San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Feragil Gallery, Westerman Gallery, the Whitney, the City of Paris Museum, Grand Central Galleries, the Philadelphia Museum of Arts, the Pennsylvania Academy of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, MOMA, Detroit Museum, Corcoran Gallery,  and widely abroad.
Selected Solo Exhibits through 1968
from Puccinelli by Cavallo and Carra.
1934 & 35 - Art Center, San Francisco
1938 & 42 - San Francisco Museum of Modern art
1939 & 46 - California  Palace of Legion of Honor Museum
1944 - De Young Museum, SF
1945 - University of California, Berkley
1946 - Santa Barbara Museum of Art
1947 - French & Co, NYC
1949 - Philadelphia Art Alliance
1953 & 55 & 57 - Institute of Arts & Letters, NYC
1954 - Covell Gallery NYC
1956 - Bogata, Columbia,
San Paolo, Brazil
Quito, Ecuador
Havana, Cuba
Guadalajara, Mexico
Mexico City
Rio de Janeiro
Lima, Peru
Caracas, Venezula
1957 & 69 & 63 & 66 - Galleria Scheider, Rome
1958 - Midtown Galleries NYC
1963 - Calerie Ncole, NYC
1966 - Cube Gallery, Tokyo
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