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The Priest & the Raven

The Priest & the Raven

Stephen Lack

b. 1946 Canada
Oil Crayon/pastel on paper
17.5 x 23
    Lack's work is deceptively simple, with faceless people, or landscapes without people often focusing on cars. Look closer, however, and you sense something is wrong, as in this simple portrait of the back of a priest's head and a black raven. His work almost always has elements of social protest, but as he says, from the "point of view of the victim." Who is the victim here? The painting has a gallery label from Daniel Gallery and a 1980s price of $715 and was exhibited at The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.

    Stephen Lack, who now lives in New York, had a significant career as an actor, starring in several films, appearing in more, starring as the lead on the CBC drama "Maintain the Fight" in 1978, He was a central figure in the revolution of the 80s in New York with artists like Keith Haring. He has had over 40 solo exhibits in United States, Canada, Belgium, Japan, Germany, and Holland, as well as numerous group invitational shows around the world.
     You can see a segment on him featured as "Artist of the Week" on "Arts and Minds" on Bravo. You need to scroll down a bit.


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