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The painter & nude model

Erotica / Artist & Model / Circus Trick Rider (3)

Arthur Smith

d. 1972
Erotica 5 x 7
Artist & Nude 14 x 11
Circus 20" x 16" (20x24) - period frame
oil on board - mid century
    Myths about the artist who painted this and the many boxing, circus, baseball and protest scenes that have come on the market over the last 20 years are now being questioned. It seems probable that these paintings, clearly by the same hand, were signed and attributed to a fairly obscure illustrator, but are, in fact by some one else, perhaps named Arthur Smith. An extensive discussion can be read on AskArt.

We have reduced our price to below what we paid for any of these three works (the price is for each). It is what it is, and by a prolific artist whatever his name is or was.This appears to be a self portrait, if so. then we may have a form of ID.


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