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"Warriors Meeting With Holy Man" Soft Sculpture

Warriors and Wise Men (and beasts)

Maggie McCurdy

 Mixed media in plexiglass box




Ex Rockport Museum collection - purchased  by the museum in and dated 1974 - label from Adler Gallerry - Madison Avenue, NYC.

       “Maggie McCurdy uses repetition to create anonymity. She endows each of her soft sculpture people with the same facial features, and even the same names. This repetiion ultimately depersonalizes these otherwise unique people since the individualty of the person is lost in the multiplication of the image. The repetition of the image, or the image in series, of Pop artists creates an anonymity found also in the unrecognizable images of the Abstract Expressionist or the cropped and distorted figures of the New Realists.” - Renaissance Soceity of University of Chicago. Her work often draws Mayan art and on her own Amerind background.

     McCurdy’s work was handled by the Lerner Heller Gallery in New York, profiled in the New Yorker magazine, is illustrated in Body & Soul - exhibition catalog from DeCordava Museum, in Craft Horizons, and on the web as part of the University of Chicago Permanent Collection.

Price: $700.00   On Sale: Take 50% off gallery price

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