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SALE Rural South / City Street in Snow / Card Players / Steel Mill / Boy

Abram Tromka

Serigraph 14x18 ALL PERIOD FRAMED

Classic WPA "poor man's oil painting", a seriagraph by one of the masters of the art.

Abram Tromka (spelled Trompka through 1930) was born in Poland and came to America when he was 7. Self-taught (his formal schooling ended at 6th grade), Tromka left home and found Settlement House where he worked with artists there. When he was 17, he Illustrated House on Henry Street by Lillian D. Wald. Survey Graphics called him The Rembrandt of the East Side.  
Before he started painting, his etchings and drawings were included in many museum exhibitions throughout the country, and Julius Rosenwald purchased a number of them and presented the etching The Sweet Potato Vendor to the Metropolitan Museum.

His work also appears in Portrait of America, 30 American Artists, and 100 American Jewish Artists. Among his most prized works were his serigraphs, particularly those done for the WPA.

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