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River Bottom Tea Tile (and chawan)

River Bottom Tea Tile (and chawan)

Signed by artist Seto

 11.5" square

Probably Meiji to Taisho

     We've had several tea tiles over the years and still have another Oribe one, but we've never had one with the presence of this one. I moved from selling Japanese ceramics almost 15 years ago and we'd had it for a long time. I never wanted to part with it, so it has never been shown. It displays pieces well and functions superbly, though I've used it as a trivet on a formal table. 


    The high black tea bowl with nice red splash & curtain was formerly in the Brooklyn Museum (36537B) and is repaired  and has a modern box, but is probably Edo period. Both were exhibited in "Arts & Traditions of Japan" at the Seiderman Gallery in 1994. It is one a group of chawan that we still have in our collection. It is priced separately at $300.

Price: $1,400.00


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