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Apokalypse - #5

SALE Apokalypse - Portfolio

Pitt (Peter) Cuerlis

German b. 1919
Woodcuts  - 1969
Portfolio - 20" x 25"
Images various sizes

  A stunning portfolio in good to excellent condition - Prints clean - pencil signed and numbered 67/71. English text written by Ernst F. Wiedemann. Prints slide out from folio, text pages are attached to folio.

 The lower right corner of the folio cover has a slight bump and the upper left corner appears the silver foil paper may be beginning to lift from the aging of the glue used to adhere it to the paper cover boards. Slight waterstain on inside flap. All prints are in excellent condition.

 This is offered only as a complete set. Framed and hung as a group, this would make a dramatic and stunning wall.


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apocalypse sodom devil satan atomic bomb evil black & white woodcut wood block dragon end of days

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