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Memory Box - Secrets of Our World

Memory Box - Secrets of Our World


Mixed Media
17.5" high - signed "Marla"
     No pictures can capture the experience of opening each element of Marla's extraordinary sculptures. This fascinating work of art took literally 100s of hours, less than minimum wage these days. Note the tiny books and rolled manuscripts suggesting the accumulated knowledge humankind uses so poorly.

    Marla is a true outsider artist, because she makes no effort to sell her own work and does not consider herself an artist though she admits to having "traded a lot of work to other artists,  as did my Mother (old habits die hard!)." Marla lives alone in a small house in Michigan and works primarily as a fabric restorer. Her home crammed with things that she has collected over the years. Her collecting is as idiosyncratic as her art, ranging from shells and detria of our society to fairly expensive fragments of fabrics to unusual paintings, often by unknown artists. "All immediate family is gone and I have little communication with extended family. Most of my friends are connected with a 'loosely formed travel group' . We manage to get to odd-but-true places such as Antarctica and the Galapagos. I may be a recluse, but there are many bizarre things to experience out there! Maybe oxymoronic is a better explanation!"

    She creates for herself memory boxes, often in found baskets and boxes, filled with compartments within compartments, always with at least one hidden key, each filled with evocative materials, often with autobiographic details. The boxes are things she has little or no intention of parting with.

    Lately, she has turned to creating Stone Poem books where the tiny binders are small sliced stones and her poems are hand illuminated and bound on parchment pages that fit inside the tiny rocks she has a friend slice in half for her. This was a piece she was working on when we last saw her and it was a very personal take on an prominent current issue. I suggested we would love to share her vision with a wider audience. She agreed reluctantly.

   She recently wrote us. "One of the other idosyncratic things I'm guilty of is collecting and working with shiny objects. I think I must have been a crow in one of my other lives and I actually have a paintng of a crow I did with shiny found objects attached to it. I hope to get back to the stone books soon as I have a couple that are sandstone and have split into pages naturally, but I have to engineer the binding to keep them together. I may have to try a slow water cooled drill to create single sheet bindings." 

Price: $1,500.00   On Sale: Take 50% off gallery price

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