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Loose on the Currah

Loose on the Currough

Fay Moore

Mixed media on Board
60" x 36

     This painting was begun in the early 1980s after a trip with her husband to Ireland. When he died shortly after, the artist put it aside. When we hosted a solo show of her work in 2006, we saw the unfinished work and asked her to finish it. I took it home and it hung in our hallway. We have shown it briefly in the gallery and sold it. We recently took it back in trade and it again hangs in our house.

     Considered the first lady of equine sporting art, Moore has chronicled the American and European racing scene.  Her signature style of a multi-layered mix of pastels over watercolor, gouache and ink, which has been christened "Neo-Pointillism," and has established her as one of the most innovative and exiciting painters of the contemporary sporting scene.

     She studied with Henry Hensche, as well as attending the Cambridge School in Weston, Massachusetts, Bennington College in Vermont, and has a degree from Yale Drama School in set design. Moore began painting such scenes in the 1960's after attending the races in Saratoga, New York. Her works are in the collection of the National Art Museum of Sport. She has a studio at the National Art Club in Manhattan's Grammercy Park district, and these days alternates her time between there, Orient, and Kentucky. A major retrospective is currently being planned on her work.

      Her light palette gives the impression of motion on the canvas, as well as a sense of immediacy in her works. We have had the pleasure in our recently closed Southold Gallery of hosting two shows of her work. The first sold out. This painting is a memory from a time in Ireland. It was left unfinished and was finished at our request. 


Price: $9,500.00   On Sale: Take 62% off gallery price

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