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Souvenir from the Grand Tour

Souvenir from the Grand Tour

unsigned Forger

 Italy / Roman
approximately 4.75" x 3"
    This piece came in a Victorian box with a period note indicating it was a fragment dug from the ruins of Herculaneum, buried along with Pompeii in the eruption of Pompeii in 79 AD. It quite possibly is a fragment from those ruins, but the carving is almost certainly the work of a faker selling Grand Tour artifacts to wealthy Europeans. It was purchased as real in the 1940s from an antique dealer in upstate New York. It was adapted to hang in a wall grouping and became separated from its box, which, since it is probably fake it's not a real loss.

Price: $100.00   On Sale: Take 50% off gallery price

Roman fake Italy Herculaneum Pompeii

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