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Colorful Cubist Nude / Face / Blue Nude / Mother & Child

Neith Nevelson

b. 1946
15x19 / 14x16 / 14x22 / 6x17
Acrylic on Canvas - unstretched
   Granddaughter of Louise Nevelson, Nevelson's father was a sculptor and her mother, an artist and textile designer. She began painting at the age of two in Florence. As a teenager moved to New York, to live at her grandmother's, the famous artist Louise Nevelson’s studio. She has lived in Coconut Grove in Southern Florida, since 1977, where she is considered a character..

   She studied briefly at the Academia di Belle Arti, in Florence, Italy. She was eventually expelled. She was influenced by Cubism, Surrealism, and Expressionism.. Some art critics label Nevelson as an “Outsider” artist.. Her first exhibition was in 1974 at the Galleria Nuova in Florence. Her last was in 1994; the catalog and exhibition were entitled, "Neith Nevelson: In the Middle of the Night", by Wendy Blazier.  She is illustrating a forthcoming book of poems, "Day's Night" by Jorge Reyes. 



outsider intuit blue horizontal vertical bold purple red erotic

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