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Windmill - Bringing grain to the Mill

Emil Lindenfeld


  Emil Lindenfeld was born in Hungary, began painting at age 6 and held his first one-man show at 14, at the town fathers’ invitation. At 21, he arrived in Milan with only 60 liras. The first day he bought two small canvases, painted two landscapes and tried to sell them going door to door, the curator of the National Galleries offered him 150 liras which allowed him to begin studies at the National Academy of Art in Naples.

   He painted large compositions of working people, idyllic pastoral landscapes, sensuous nudes, peasants on the field, and the life of the miner. Scarecrows and windmills appear in many of his works. He painted the lagoons of Venice, the tired people on the park bench, portraits of Christ and the Crucifixion. He held exhibitions in prestigious galleries and began to win awards.


   His work was displayed in as many as three to four exhibitions yearly. Respected art-critics wrote about his work. Before the war, the price of his paintings had climbed to 40,000 liras. In 1942, Emil lost his studio and all his possessions, in a bomb attack, but he escaped, hid and painted in the high mountain village of Asiago. After the war, he was elected Councilor of Italian Art. In 1956, the year of the Hungarian Uprising, he moved to New York City.


  According to the catalog of his one man show at the Morris Museum, “He is listed among the foremost contemporary Italian impressionists." In the New York, he was invited to exhibit with Frank Lloyd Wright in the New York Coliseum. He exhibited 150 paintings there in 1957, earning him excellect reviews in the New York press. Lindenfeld's work has also been exhibited at Barnard College, in Charlotte, North Carolina (1966 & 1968, 1976); Detroit, Michigan (1969) and Weirton, West Virginia (1969, 1970). In 1983, a one man exhibit "The World of Emil Lindenfeld" opened at the Morris Museum of Arts and Sciences in Morristown, New Jersey.  

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