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'Tag - You're It!'

SALE 'Tag - You're It!'

Sylvia Wald

Born 1915
12" x 17" 
 Serigraphs were the poor man's oil painting during the depression and were usually small editions and only sometimes double signed. 
  WPA artist Sylvia Wald studied painting at the Moore Institute of Art, Science & Industry and taught art through a Philidelphia WPA program. She moved with her husband, an army physician, to Missouri and then Kentucky, where she frequently sketched and produced a limited number of screen prints which are highly collectible today.

   This work by Wald has an unusual perspective on the classic children's game of tag.  The viewer is looking down on the children as they run around on the street chasing each other.  The unusual perspective focuses the viewers attention on the children.
  This nicely framed print has not been examined out of the frame and is priced well below market. 

Price: $1,000.00   On Sale: Take 90% off gallery price

african american children horizontal social realism dramatic medium urban

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