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Portrait of a Young Man

Zen saying / Portrait of Young Man / Eurasian Woman

John MacWhinnie

American born 1945
All things perfect -1986 - Oil on Board 
36" x 52" 15000
  Portrait of Thomas - Oil on board
48" x 72" - $20,000
Eurasian Woman - 1983 - O/B
52" x 42" $20,000
   'All things are perfectly resolved in the unborn' is signed, titled and dated on back and stretcher. After being exhibited in a one man show called 'Focus - Zen' at the Parrish Museum, this painting was in the personal collection of the artist for many years and not for sale. We were grateful to the artist for our opportunity to acquire it. We lived with it for several years, but, following our principal drawn from the Japanese, that one never owns a work of art and one sees best when one regularly changes the art in one's life, we now offer it for sale. It is priced well below what his work was bringing at the height of his career and in recognition of the pleasure it has brought us.
   The portrait of the young man was shown at Marlborough Galleries. It found its way back to the artist a few years ago and we bought it from him. It hung in our dining room, for years. It now can be seen in our gallery.
    The Eurasian Girl is signed and dated with a Verad Gallery label and price of $12,500 (that's $27.000 today). Of this painting, the artist wrote: “The patina of decay … something that I have always found to be a remarkable benefit of time …  the quality found in objects of antiquity … The Chinese (as well as other cultures) cherish the patina of ancient bronze, … and antiques collectors love the old original paint found on a piece of furniture, along with all the signs of use and wear attesting to its history … I marvel with delight when i see the marks of time, whether it is a certain change in a color, or an indication of crackleture, or some loss here or there. To me, it only adds to the overall quality and beauty of the piece … i used encaustic to paint ‘Eurasian woman’ ... after time I noticed that I used too much wax in the medium … which led to small sections of the wax to separate from the surface. i was very pleased to see this occurring, as now it appears to have the look of an ancient wall, or frescoe. something that was unintentional, but wonderful, and that only time could reveal!”
  John's career was meteoric and he was, in the words of one dealer "the young turk" and in another's "the major talent for a period of time." Personal reasons took him out of the high-powered art scene of New York City, but check his biography.



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Hamptons New York American large vertical mural impasto All things are perfectly resolved in the unborn young man

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