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Fifth Avenue - $21,000

Frankly, we prefer most Berthelsens to those of his contemporary Wiggins. Perhaps because Wiggins outlived Berthelsen by 20 years and his son painted in a similar style, comparable works by Wiggins sell at a considerable premium. In the last 20 years, Berthelsen's prices have risen dramatically. Our favorite is the Fifth Avenue scene without flags. It captures how nature and the city itself overpower the solitary figures.

SALE 5th Avenue / Times Square / Little Church / Brooklyn Bridge

Johann Berthelsen


Oil on canvas
5th Avenue 19" x 27" (36x28) $30,000
Brooklyn Bridge 20x16 SOLD
Winter Nocturne 22" x 28" (32x36) SOLD
Washington Square in the Snow 16" x 20" $10,000
Nocturne in Central Park 14x18

An icon of New York by an artist whose prices have skyrocketed in the last five years. This another one of his popular subjects. This Times Square comes with an appraised market value $24,500,
Berthelsen was six when his family immigrated to the United States in 1889. After high school, he studied music in Chicago. He toured the United Slates and Canada as lead baritone for the Grand Opera Company, after which he taught voice in Chicago and Indianapolis. In 1920, Berthelsen opened a private studio in New York City where he gave voice lessons.

Berthelsen painted first for his own pleasure and then, after 1932, on a full-time basis. Berthelsen initially established his artistic reputation with his work in pastels. Working with small canvases, he found inspiration in New York's Central Park, rendering this subject most effectively in its seasonal transformations. Berthelsen follows in the tradition of Childe Hassam and his contemporary, Guy Wiggins. 

We've sold a number of his paintings in the last three years. Each successive one has literally cost us more than what we sold the last for! 


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white gray soft vertical urban winter New York City 5th Avenue Impressionism Modern snow broadway times square Little Church

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