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Black Girl in Red Dress on Bench - 29x35

Rev. Albert Wagner

We just got this and it's hanging in our living room and the dealers we bought it from had it hanging for years in their house. We won't show it until next year ... maybe. It's in his original handmade frame 

There's a wonderful feature on this artist in Life Features Magazine - May 1998 At that point, he had had Two New York Shows and one at the Fruit Avenue Gallery in Cleveland and his work was in the permant collections: Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland State University Art Gallery. His work has also been exhibited in Baltimore's American Visionary Art Museum. 

The landmark American Self-Taught Art by the Laffals offers this bio: "This black artist lives in Ohio. At age 50 he started to do artwork. Wagner has been a preacher. His paintings and constructions address such themes as people, religion, social action. His style is representational, decorative, and expressive." 


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