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Circle Design Vasel / Two plates

Herman Kahler

Vase 7x6.5d

Inscribed with the artist's initials, HAK and stamped Danmark this has overlapping circular shapes that cover the entire piece. The shapes are complemented by greens, yellows and blues that are dispersed over the entire work. The use of the organic forms of the circle and the tonal colors seems perfect for a vase that is suppose to hold flowers.

Plate 5" d - Signed HAK

PLATE 11.25 d
We're not sure if this Kahler or another maker. It is marked HK or LK 3S’/II "Handmade Denmark" - very much like the Caribbean glaze of Saxbo

Price is for all three. Inquire for individual prices



Price: $500.00   On Sale: Take 50% off gallery price

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