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This time with pears - Self Portrait

Robert Hodgell

What do you look for in art? Few piece we have taken to a show has gotten as much interest, smiles, questions and comments as this larger than life size self portrait of the artist. In the 1960s, an art critic cited the landmark work in portraiture in ceramics by Hodgell and Arneson. Arneson continued in the same style most of his career; Hodgell
worked in all mediums and owned two galleries in Sarasota and Miami that helped provide a venue for fellow artists during his long and accomplished career. 

In 2001 the Miami Art Center held a retrospective of more than fifty of his pieces that covered over sixty years of his artisic career. Notable among them were large ceramic sculptures of nudes.

In addition to his contributions in the art field he was also a teacher for many years at the Des Moines AC and Eckerd College in Florida.



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