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Large distorted vessel

George Ohr


Mississippi born George Edgar Ohr was a character, father of 10 children, whose names, like his were spelled by his initials: Clo, Lio, Oto, Flo, Zio, Ojo and Geo. He called himself the World's Greatest Potter and has been called by others "the father of American pottery" and is recognized for his innovative sculptural vessels with incredibly thin pinched, crimped, fluted and manipulated walls. His love of word play extended to his shop, Pot-Ohr-E.

Signed with his script GEOhr, this piece probably was refired posthumously, although the glaze is similar to other pieces of his. We sell it as refired.

Althoug the other piece was purchased at Rago Auctions early on, David Rago has since said that it is probably a fake. We sell it as AFTER.

We have sold over a dozen Ohrs and these two remain, for the reasons indicated!

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