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Feininger Hand done Facsimile of “Gothic Spire”

Feininger Hand done Facsimile of “Gothic Spire”

Esther Gentle after Feininger

Stamped on obverse: “published by Willard Gallery, NY - facsimile by: Esther Gentle” a WWWAA well-known WPA artist  in NY - Original printed collector’s label for Mrs. E. Ives. Bartholet, noted art- collector and philanthropist, then in collection of Mrs. Alice Bartholet (1963)  available with a period frame.

Esther Gentle was a New York City sculptor, painter, printmaker, and gallery manager. She became Abraham Rattner's second wife in 1949. Gentle ran an art reproductions business and a New York City art gallery. Her work is part of the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art's permanent collection.
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