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Young woman with her pots

Lucia Marques

Portugal 1950
1978 19” x 25” Oil on canvas

Purchased in Santa Fe, NM.

From Visual artist graduated by EBA / UFMG, Belo Horizonte. Participated in the III Hall of Plastic Artist Mineiro, Palace of Arts, BH; VI SAP ECC, BH; I Salon of Visual Arts Clovis Salgado Foundation, BH; Seventeenth and eighteenth SNAPBH, MAP (1985-86). He participated in several group exhibitions, including: Art Auction, Guignard Gallery, BH; Young Writers Miners, Gallery Art Book, BH; Young Artists Miners, ICBEU Gallery, BH; Miniquadro, Guignard Gallery, BH; Gallery AMI, BH; Brazilian American Cultural Center, New York; Writing Travel, Guignard Gallery; Gallery Citadel, Curitiba; Jequitinhonha View, Palace of Arts, Ten Artists Miners, Hotel Porto do Sol, Guarapari, ES; Niterói House of Culture, RJ; Cultural Cemig, BH; Borghese Gallery, RJ; Miners Artists, Manoel Macedo Art Gallery, BH; Artists Miners, Performance Art Gallery, Brasilia, Tribute to Guimarães Rosa, Palace of Arts; Bazaar autumn Foundation Mokiti Okada, SP; Mandala Gallery, BH; Pasolini Project, Palace of Arts; Libertas Quae Sera Tamen, Oscar Gallery Seraphico; Take the Mine Road, Hotel Nacional, Brazil; Brazilian Artists, Guignard Gallery, Artists Miners, Central Bank, Brasilia; Brazilian Studies Center, Assumption; Gallery of the IAB, BH; Casa Grande Art Museum, Goiania. Made the following individual: Guignard Gallery; Gallery AMI; Manoel Macedo Art Gallery; Body Gallery, BH; Hall Showcase, BH; PIC, BH; Gallery Marina Potrich, Goiânia.


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