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Portal Series - Tamayo Abstract 1995

Actually the one we broke was our favorite. These rival any abstract painting and their surface is much more interesting.

Portal Series - Tamayo Abstract 1995

Mary Blakely

USA 1915-2004
porcelain 14.5x11

From the memorial website: "Their work was inexpensive, colorful, and had a wide following, both in South Florida and across the country. They sold their work in many shops in the Florida Keys, on the west coast of Florida and also in the national chains Burdines and Jordan Marsh. They supplied wall plaques for the Forum Restaurant chain in the mid-1970s and created a 10′ x 30′ mural in 1965 that still graces the front entrance of Winter Park Towers in Winter Park, Florida."

"They also had a fine art side that not many people know about. The purpose of this site is to document the lives and work of Tom and Mary Blakley with the hope of encouraging other clay artists to use some of the techniques that Tom and Mary developed over the years. Both Tom and Mary were very interested in the patterns that different combinations of low-fire ceramic glazes could make.

This work comes with our favorite (now broken) tile from the Portal Series. You may want to repair it. It should be.


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