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Farm Yard Tractor-#196-old shed

George D. Richards

ca 1982 -
watercolor - 20x15

We bought this painting for its quality and only recently did a Google search provide any information on the artist,

Richards swept most of the art prizes at Chicago Manual Training School and graduated from Princeton University where he was art editor of the Tiger and received a fellowship in archeology, became a noted artist for The World Today where he developed a method of providing subtle tints in their reproductions, a lifetime member of the Art Institute of Chicago, author go Pictorial Journalism, cited in The Printing Art,

This early twentieth century American artist has captured the rural life of the country during this time. The shed and tractor imply the existance of a farm and house in the background as the farmer walks sulked over toward his home at the end of the day. The long shadows cast by the shed imply the early evening hours of this scene. There is a tranquil quality to the image that soothes and pleases the eye.


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wpa automotive horizontal medium social realism Princeton Tiger

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