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Bean Pot - unglazed exterior - made for Tiffany

Bean Pot - unglazed exterior - made for Tiffany

Elsa Peretti

Italy/USA 1949
13” dia x 6 hi

Made for Tiffany in Italy - Volbicela School in Rome. In 1960s  designed jewelry for  Halston, Oscar De La Renta, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo, & Tiffany, perfume bottles for Halston and many of Tiffany's best-selling items. Known for her simple organic aesthetics.

From Tiffany website:" When Florence-born Elsa Peretti joined Tiffany in 1974, her organic, sensual forms revolutionized jewelry design and seduced the world. A masterful artisan, Peretti explores nature with the acumen of a scientist and the vision of a sculptor. She allows us to see such forms as the bean, the apple and the snake in intriguing and beautiful new ways."

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