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Marblized handled bowl / Vase

Hiroshi Nakayama & Judy Glasser


Handled bowl SOLD
With a personal postcard and note from pottery.  Hiroshi studied pottery with potters in many countries before settling in MA. His glaze is distinctive. He has won a number of awards and fellowships and his work has been on exhibition around the country and France and Japan. He aims for the “Japanese idea of beauty, a quality of understated elegant simplicity that speaks quietly for itself, and objects with a refined, unobtrusive sophistication.

Vase in faux marble - 9.25 h - $300

They were married at the time to fellow potter Judy Glasser. After receiving her graduate degree in ceramics from Columbia University, she traveled to West Africa, Japan, Latin America, and the former Yugoslavia. Her interest was in studying traditional arts. These experiences, including her interest in folk and regional dancing, have strongly shaped her work. Clay was her primary medium for over thirty years. Constantly experimenting, she developed many unique styles and glazes. Her ceramic work was shown nationally in galleries and museum shows.

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