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Need help identifying tribe and/or age

Need help identifying tribe and/or age

African, Amerind, Oceanic Tribal

If you can help us on any of these, please contact us at or call 631-537-3324.

If you would like us to help you with works, send us a picture and whatever else you know about the artist. We share our knowledge freely.

13.5 Gorilla? This has great patina and we paid a lot for it, the collector who couldn't tell us anything, offered to buy it back. Has a square peg hole betaeen the legs  suggesting it was mounted on something

We lean to Peru/Chimu style, but we love him 10.5" high wood

12x11 Wood Mask - Beteke? / Eket? - we've had this a long time, don't recall where or when we got it

9.75" Bust of a Massai Warior - pottery signed F. Jod(?)o

16.5" + base - African Effigy repainted - we assume not by a tribal member!

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