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'Aedes aegypti' from the series Vanities Vanities

SALE 'Aedes aegypti' from the series Vanities Vanities

Rosemary Felt Covey

10 x 8 engraving

This powerful work of art creeps up on you, at first seeming somehow light and fanciful, until you realiLe it is classic memorial to the death of a young child, in the tradition of the Victorian Age “Cabinet Card”. Aedes aegypti is the Latin name for the yellow fever mosquito … then you see the dense swarm and the frail Icarus wings and the classic gaLe. This renowned engraver, author, painter, videographic artist works in Baltimore, but has exhibited widely - See her biography on the back. We have matted this for easy framing in a standard siLe mat. This print is also available from the artist for $750.

We sold this quite a while ago and the owner decided to tratde it in for another work.


Price: $400.00   On Sale: Take 75% off gallery price

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