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Modern Japanese Ceramics

Modern Japanese Ceramics

Asian Ceramics

If you can help us on any of these, please contact us at or call 631-537-3324.

If you would like us to help you with works, send us a picture and whatever else you know about the artist.

Fine Jar - We once saw a picture of a similar piece in a Japanese or Asian Magazine ad, but lost our notes. - 15.5" high

Fine Studio (19-20th century) vase - purchased in Japan in 1950s - signed

Doucai/nabeshima style - boxed vase & bowl - signed ???-zan

boxed and signed bowl

4 3.5" square Kinrade Mukosuke style of Tomimoto Kenichi?

Nice Mizusashi - ca 1945-50 - 8.5" x 4.75" d

Tea Tile - Seto ware - 18" square

Bizen Hanaire - probably Kanshige family

A favorite 9" Tokurri - don't even know the kiln

Another 5.5" tokkuri - Hagi? - edo-meiji

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