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Fine Handled Basket w original box

Over 100 years old, this delicate piece has everything you want in a basketry.

Fine Handled Basket w original box

Hayakawa Shokosei III

Late 19th century
20h x 10d bamboo

Signed with rare signed original box - The first known Japanese bamboo artist who started to sign his work was a son of samurai Hayakawa Keigoro, Hayakawa Shokosai I (1815-1897). Shokosai's groundbreaking stance as an artist led other bamboo artists to begin to value their own creativity.

one without box wold for $4000 Arts of Asia 2003 Erik Thompson Asian Art - This example is from Noriko Miyamoto Japanese Gallery. The handle has been professional restored.

Price: $4,800.00

bamboo National Treasure

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