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2 Crystalinne Glaze Chargers - Goblet with Frieze

2 Crystalinne Glaze Chargers - Goblet with Frieze

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson & Company

2 Chargers each 14" d - marked Chantal - both signed one with label - 1930s - $400 each
Goblet 4.5" d & h - 1950s - $150

Chantal was to be a high end designer home goods department store, similar to Tiffany and Nieman Markus that was founded just before the 1930s depression. It had stores or planned stores in New York, Paris, and other upscale markets. It went into bankruptcy and paid off its investors with unopened crates of merchandise. The two chargers came from an estate in Charlottesville. The crates were opened in 1986 and we were able to obtain these pieces which we have used but never listed for sale. We also have a Mobach vase from the same estate collection.

Price for both is $500

The goblet dates a little later.


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