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Tagged - NYC Subway Map

Tagged - NYC Subway Map

L.A. (Little Angel) ROC (Angel Ortiz)

Magic Marker & Acrylic on NYC Subway Map
32x23 niewly framed

When "Little Angel." was 13 or 14 years old, Ortiz was befriended by artist Keith Haring and they collaborated on a number of works from 1978 to 1988. Haring felt Ortiz' "tag" style stood out from that of other New York graffiti writers. Now LA2 is still a young artist, recognizable, with his tag and style, but covered by the greatness of Keith Haring. LA2, from Haring, have visibility and shadows. His market is waiting for new situations, because in effect, LA2 is for Haring the same that Jean-Michel Basquiat was for Andy Warhol. But, fortunatly, He is still in life, and his art adventure is only at the beginning.

Similar tagged subway maps were priced at $4200 at his solo show at Shapiro Fine Arts.


53975 Main Road Southold, NY    P 631-765-8432