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Bethlehem - Funky Magi, Mary, Jesus, Donkey & Cow

Can't get over the look on Mary's face.

Bethlehem - Funky Magi, Mary, Jesus, Donkey & Cow

George Grosz

Germany/USA 1893-1959
1918 10.75x6 Color Etching
An early work - signed in pencil #18/100
    Born in Berlin, George Grosz spent his early life moving with his mother to and from Stolp, where he began private drawing lessons in 1901, after his the death of his father. He was expelled from school in 1908, but in 1909 entered the Royal Academy in Dresden, from which he graduated with honors.

    In Berlin in 1917, he joined the Dada movement, which was essentially a protest against war and exploitation, and a call for a new humanism.  By 1918 he was considered by many to be Germany's leading social critic in the field of the visual arts.  His works demonstrating pity for the underdog and hatred of capitalism penetrated deep into the consciousness of the postwar mentality of a Germany suffering with inflation and political failure.


Madonna Satiric

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