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Julius Moessel

USA  1872-1960
oil on board 30x20

Moessel was born in Munich, Germany, studied art there. At the age of 15, he was executing architectural decorations, working with architects in Germany. After moving to the states, he continued to paint murals, but expanded efforts into many genres. He moved to Chicago in 1932. He was a painter, muralist, etcher, illustrator, architect, writer, and educator.

Among his exhibitions were regular exhibits at the Art Institute of Chicago (1931-41), at the Corcoran Galleries’ biennials in 1935 and 1937, at Chicago Painters & Sculptors Exhibition in 1937 (prize), and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Moessell spent two and a half years completing eighteen murals commissioned for the Field Museum, documenting in closely researched the food plants of the world in vibrant scenes of planting, harvesting and marketing throughout history. They were called "a high water mark in WPA art achievement" by the head of the Chicago WPA office. They are described fully in Mark Alvey's article in the May-June 1999 issue of In the Field, the museum's membership publication.

Some of his surviving commission work murals and sculpture can be seen at the Union League Club in Chicago; the Courthouse in Leipzig; das Kurhouse in Kissingen; the Court Theatre in Stuttgart; das Kunstlerhouse in Munich; the Jury Room in Nu?rnberg; and the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago,

He has an extensive auction record in this country and Europe. In addition to listings in all the major art resources, his work is illustrated in Covers of Saturday Evening Post - Seventy Years of Outstanding Illustration, and Union League Club of Chicago Art Collection.


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