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My Moma's Bathroom

My Moma's Bathroom / Wedding

Rodney Harris

Bathroom: 1995 30x30 oil or acrylic on canvas
Wedding: undated 20x20 oil on canvas

We purchased a number of paintings by this reportedly New York Afro-American outsider artist. According to his agent, he only painted when he needed the money on canvas provided by his agent-friend. He painted a series of paintings of rooms in his mother’s home which he called Memory Paintings. The wonderful text is a repeated delight.

Regrettably, we have lost track of his agent and have only two left which have been in our personal collection until now. We decided recently that we were willing to part with this delightful painting which hung in our bathroom for years. His work has sold at Slokin Folk Art Auctions.


Price: $1,500.00   On Sale: Take 75% off gallery price

African American Outsider Folk Art Black

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