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Marque for a Sculpture of a Woman

Marque for a Sculpture of a Woman

Andrea D’Arienzo

1950s 17" high pottery
in his characteristic Etruscan Revival style-- these triangular heads are his trademark,  and one of the principal influences on his protege, the young Bruno Gambone. This terracotta was probably used to make a number of bronze castings.

D'Arienzo and Guido Gambone founded their Faenzerella studio in Vietri sul Mare after the war. Though D'Arienzo remained in Vietri, while Gambone went on to Florence and world fame, his work is nearly as highly prized in Italy as the master's -- mostly for its loyalty to the everyday, its poignant angst ( il disagio esistenziale ) and thus its loyalty to the great German Expressionists who freed Vietri from its Bourbon and Saracen roots during the 1920s.


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