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Kuba - Cosmetic Box / Cup / spoon

Zaire Congo

Wood with traces of pigment - 11"long
Kuba or Bakuba tribe - Bandundu region, near Kasai river. Traces of red camwood powder rubbed in design - reportedly dates to pre WWII - exhibited in Images of West Africa 3/4/91

"Poison Cup" - Wood with traces of pigment - 5” high
In the form of male head - Bandundu region near Kasai river - Bakuba or Kuba tribe - traces of red pigment - collected in 1960s - exhibited in Images of West Africa 3/4/91

Warega/Lega Bwami Spoon - tortoise - 10" long
Upper Congo collected early 1960s,- symbolic object Bwani Society, Each has its own proverb, ie “Hold your tongue in check” Compare Sotheby’s 5/4/95 (older) #203

All these and additional items, including a rare Waregar mask since sold were purchased in 1980-84 from a major supplier of rare shells to the Smithsonian until they were banned. She also supplied the Smithsonian with African pieces that were frequently added to shipments of shells in the 1950-60s.

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