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Plein Air - Culver City California - Elevated Line

Plein Air - Culver City California - Elevated Line

Herbert Yates

USA 1880-1956
1954 watercolor gouache
10x14.5 unframed
Yates, born in Brooklyn, made his fortune  in tobacco by age 30, moved to Los Angelos and went into records and films,. He founded Republic Pictures, Gene Autrey's and John Wayne’s studio, and personally produced The Quiet Man. The studio went from producing pictures to distribution in 1958. Yates retired to Sherman Oaks, CA, when he painted this. Great article in Wikipedia on his career.

Label from Robert Henry Adams Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, a leading dealer in Regionalism and American Art. Artist inscription reads,"Sketch 9:25 - 10 am  Painting 10 am - 12:30 pm”



Hollywood Republic Pictures The Quiet Man films colorful horizontal

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